IVF Single Cycle Cost

Cost is often a barrier for couples who need IVF, especially if more than one cycle is needed. We have several programs to help couples afford IVF treatments. RCC is committed to putting couples first in all aspects of the infertility treatment experience, including lowering cost. Baby Couple

We offer the lowest IVF price in Idaho. If you find a lower price for similar services, we will match it and offer an additional 2% discount. In addition to the lowest IVF price, our pregnancy rates are among the highest in the region.

Oftentimes, more than one IVF cycle is needed. We developed our 100% Money Back IVF Guarantee Programs to insure that you take home a baby, or if not successful, receive a refund. Over 90% of patients who complete one the programs are successful. We are the only program in Idaho that offers the guarantee programs.

We also offer two, three, and four IVF cycle discount packages where you pre-pay for the number of cycles you want to try. These packages include all costs except medications and anesthesia. The pricing to achieve pregnancy is usually lowest with the four cycle discount package.

The packages do not offer a guarantee or refund. The money back guarantee programs are a better option for some couples. Your infertility specialist will discuss these and other cost savings options with you and our billing department can provide additional information.